Fine Art

I make vibrantly colored, meticulously drawn realist paintings in oil on canvas that combine traditional methods with a modern aesthetic and subject matter. I am equally comfortable with subject matter from landscapes to portraits and figurative works and even (though none are presently part of my portfolio) to still life and abstraction. While my fine art output presently takes something of a back seat to the graphic design it remains my greatest passion and I hope to put more energy into it sooner than later.

& Design

As a graphic designer I am especially passionate about designing for the web. I command a thorough understanding of color theory, typography, user interface and in writing valid, strict xhtml and css. I am comfortable implementing javascript and php scripts and have recently started learning these languages toward the goal of being able to more heavily modify and write my own script. With a mastery of image-editing, layout programs and general design principles I am also comfortable in the realm of print design. Assisting in my design work are my strengths in photography (see the photos for A New Leaf and Atomic Cafe sites) and writing (all the writing for Atomic Cafe's site).